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Training Center

Ironworkers local 44 has a 30,000 square foot, state-of-the-art training facility. It consist of 20 welding stations, 2 burning stations, 4 classrooms, a computer lab as well as the shop area used for hands on training. This facility is certified through the American Welding Society (AWS). We are able to perform the training and testing needed to certify welders to meet the needs of the industry.        

Apprentices receive 4 years of classroom, skills and on-the-job training. Before an Apprentice becomes a Journeyman, they will have completed over 850 hours of classroom, safety and skills training along with a minimum of 6000 hours of on-the-job instruction.      

Starting with their first year, they learn Construction Mathematics, Reinforcing I, Layout & Instruments, Ornamental I, Structural I and begin their training in Welding and Cutting. They also receive extensive safety training including OSHA 30, OSHA Subpart R, CPR/First Aid, Scaffold User, Lead and Asbestos and Crane Signaling.     

During their second year, Apprentices are taught Blueprint Reading I, Precast Safety & Erection, Structural II & III, Reinforcing II, Post Tensioning I, Ornamental II and Scaffold Erector. They also continue with Welding II and receive Operation and Safety Training of Forklifts and Aerial Lifts.     

As third year Apprentices, they receive instruction on Pre-engineered Metal Buildings, Post Tensioning II, Blue Print Reading II(Paperless Ironworker),Ornamental III, Structural IV (stairs and misc.), Welding III and Foreman Training.    

Forth year Apprentices spend their entire year learning Rigging and becoming certified welders. During this phase of their development, it is imperative that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to perform safely and efficiently as a Journeyman Ironworker. The Coordinator will evaluate each student and adjust the curriculum on an individual basis to ensure their success as a Union Ironworker.     

Training does not stop when an Apprentice becomes a Journeyman. Ironworkers Local 44 has a Journeyman Upgrade Program as well. Journeyman are require to receive at least 10 hours of continuing education each year. Several Safety Certifications expire. This program enables the Journeyman to update their Certifications as well as learn new skills and training. As the Industry evolves, we are able to provide the training necessary, to meet these needs. Haz-mat and MSHA are a few examples.     

Ironworkers Local 44 works closely with Our Contractors to ensure our Apprentices and Journeymen are afforded the opportunity, through these programs, to excel as a Union Ironworker and return home safely to their families.