The Iron Worker Who Made His Way Home
There was a young man who died and went to Heaven. When he got there, he was greeted by an older white-haired gentlemen who welcomed him in a offered to show him around the place. The young man said, "That would be great."

As they walked through the gates, the young man noticed a very long path that led to what seemed like infinity. As they walked down that path, he began to see what looked like different sections.

The first section was an area where there were all kinds of skyscrapers and metal going up. There was steel being erected as far as the eye could see. The young man asked, "What is all of this?" The older gentlemen said, "This is the section for the local ironworkers. They get that in their blood and you can't get them to stop. The Creator knew He needed a place for them to do what they loved."

The next place they came to was a huge forest. There were trees as far as the eye could see. The young man said, "This is so beautiful. I could spend years in here and never see all the different kind of trees." The older man said, "Well, son, that is the point. This place is for those who love trees."

Soon, they came to a place just littered with ponds and lakes, with all kinds of people hunting and fishing. The young man's eyes lit up as the older man said, "This is a place to come for those who love to hunt and fish." The young man was taken aback by all of the beauty and the grandeur of it all. He could not believe his eyes. He said, "Can I ask you a question?" The older man said, "Sure."

The younger man said, "I thought that Heaven was made up of streets of gold and the mansions were so big and beautiful that no one would believe it. This doesn't look like that." The older gentleman gave a long sigh and began to answer the young man's question. He said, "Son, the Creator of the universe would be not the creator if he did not know that everyone's idea of gold, silver, and mansions is different than everyone else's. One man's streets of gold and mansions might be a gravel road that leads to the greatest pond that ever was. That man would not be happy in a mansion with gold streets outside. This is a place where people do not know pain and do not know bitterness and anger. This is a place where you will live for eternity doing the things you love to do. Oh, and by the way, in a little while we are going to walk by the section where the streets are gold and the mansions are huge. We have to be really quiet when we do though because they think they are the only ones here."

The young man was so blown away by the solace in Heaven that he almost forgot how he got there. Then, just as quickly, he remembered how, but much to his surprise he was not sad. He looked puzzled at the older gentlemen and the older gentlemen knew that look. He had seen it many times before. "There are a lot of people who are sad that you are gone, but this is not a place of sadness and you will never know that feeling exists."  

The young man and the older gentlemen parted ways with a firm handshake, and as their eyes met, the young man knew everything was going to be alright. He could start looking up loved ones and making new friends, while somehow, someway he knew inside that he would never forget those he left behind, and he knew that he could not feel sadness, but he was alright with that because he knew that the Creator of the universe would take care of them, just as He had taken care of him. He knew that while the sadness would never go away, and their lives would never be the same, he knew that each and every day, with the help of the Lord, the pain would ease, and one day their days would become bearable again. He could live eternity with that knowledge.

- Chaplain Fuzzy Lake