About us

We would like to take a minute to let you know a little bit about us. Local 44 is made up of over 1000 Ironworkers within the tri-state area living, working and raising families, they could be someone in your neighborhood or someone you may already know. These men and women of our community have spent, or are currently spending, 4 years as an Apprentice at the Ironworking trade. Building the necessary skills to provide local area business with the knowledge, the safety and the craftsmanship to help develop and maintain the hometown we have all grown to believe in. Every day these Ironworkers go to work for Local businesses that are committed to succeeding in this community.

Why?  Because it is their hometown too! These Ironworkers build the skeletal framework of both everyday buildings and tall skyscrapers. Local 44 Ironworkers install the reinforcing and post-tensioning systems in the buildings and concrete throughout the tri-state area. They install the glass-work and ornamental panels that decorate the interior and exterior of shopping malls and hospitals. They install the heavy ornate panels of concrete and glass that cover towering buildings and yet they also put up warehouses and mini marts. Ironworkers maintain the power plants that dot our river, keeping the lights on at home. Every day Ironworkers are working on bridges on your local highway system, installing stairs and decorative handrail or moving heavy equipment into a new plant that has decided that Cincinnati is the place to do business. Ironworkers do quite a bit to build our neighborhoods and cities. You can find us building your schools and churches, the ride at your local Amusement park, the new home improvement center or grocery store down the block. Our Construction partners are the most experienced and productive companies in the region. Together our goals are safety, productivity and value. These companies, which you can find links to on this site; have established strong roots and even stronger relationships in your community.

This is our hometown and we have been building it since 1905.
We plan on building it bigger and better for many years to come with the
 Standards of Excellence displayed by all Ironworkers around the country.